From April 6 to April 11, we have been accompanied by the AdvancED team, an American agency with which Altamira International School has been accredited since 2009, for the Re-Accreditation visit. Our last visit was in 2014, since every five years a new team comes to verify the progress of the School. On this occasion the team was composed of 5 people representing this organization who have come from the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Brazil to evaluate the processes we are carrying out at Altamira and validate how the College is complying with these high standards of quality at international level. The team is composed of Dr. José Rivera, Mr. Scott Hibbard, Chad Dumas, Lia Sabinson, Gabriela Incháustegui. This experience also involves interviews with the Directorate, with Vice-Rectorships, with the Leadership Team, with Teachers and Psychologists, with the Administrative Team, with Parents and Students.

The team of peers, additionally, had the opportunity to tour through Barranquilla and then meet with some of our students of Grades 10, 11 and 12 to share their experiences with them regarding their leadership and participation in the Altamira.