The Altamira School, with its commitment to the education of integral, successful and above all human persons, carried out the “AIS Go Green” Campaign on April 2, 3, and 6 with the students of Preschool, Primary, Students of Seventh grade, NHS and NJHS, who were in charge of embellishing our institution by planting plants around the new building and our sports center with the help of “Eco Garden”, a maintenance and design company for green areas, which instructed the students in planting.

The objective of this activity was to promote in them a green culture based on a sense of belonging, love for their environment and for the institution, as well as creating a space of environmental awareness, ecological knowledge, attitudes and values ​​towards the environment generating the following :

  1. Awareness: raise awareness of the problems related to the environment.
  2. Knowledge: help to be interested in the environment.
  3. Attitudes: acquire interest in the environment and willingness to conserve it.
  4. Skills: help to acquire skills to solve the problem.
  5. Participation: develop the sense of responsibility to adopt appropriate measures.

In the Altamira we are united by a greener world!