On January 11, 2019, we celebrated our annual AIS Alumni meeting in our new CAFETORIUM (Cafeteria / Auditorium), where we were accompanied by alumni of different promotions (2016 – 2018). We had the opportunity to re-establish contact with former members of our community, strengthening the network, knowing more about their study plans and career; a rewarding and satisfying experience.

This meeting allowed us to let them know the new vision for 2020 of the school, the strategic plans for the future and the new investments in physical infrastructure. Everyone was very surprised with the new cafetorium, its restaurant and kitchen, the auditorium-theater, dressing rooms, bathrooms and the classroom for teachers. This strengthened their admiration for the school, reinforcing their sense of belonging and rectifying their desire to contribute to the new generations of students who are still part of it.

The alumni association maintains regular contact with previous students through newsletters, meetings, social events and the network of careers. This in order to have a business networking and entrepreneurship, which allows connecting students with business or work opportunities.

We appreciate the assistance of each of our graduates and we hope to receive them at the next opportunity, but not before reminding them that this is their second home!