Yesterday, the Battle of Ideas by TEDx Barranquilla took place at the Altamira International School where each of the Speakers showed mastery of oratory, defending their ideas. The Battle of Ideas sought to identify those ideas that challenge thought, that incite the desire to know more, to look and travel through an exciting journey of knowledge.

In the Altamira every day more leaders of the 21st century are observed, who dominate each one of the formative and academic aspects making them stand out in the different social, academic and professional fields. After a hard work we had:

  • 91 Ideas postulated
  • 44 Pre-selected ideas for interview
  • 35 Interviewed Ideas

The winners of the BATALLA DE IDEAS were:

* Featherweight category

1 Position: María del Mar Hernández with her talk: “How can we be the best version of the best brother in the world?

2 Position: Isabella Iglesias with her talk: “It’s good to be different.”

* Flyweight category

1 Position: Santiago Patiño with his talk: “The different points of view.”

2 Position: Daniela Gómez with her talk: “In the mirror of a teenager.”

* Cruise Category

1 Position: Laura Soto with her talk: “Education and context, a truth absoulta?”.

2 Gabriela Sierra with her talk: “Patriotic love focused on the armed conflict.”

Congratulations to each and every one of the contestants for their excellent ideas!