In the framework of the Red Ribbon week campaign “Life is your journey, travel drug free”, a program that raises awareness among teenagers about the prevention of drug and alcohol use, the inauguration meeting was held our academic director. During the same, students made a role play where recreated experiences and experiences to which adolescents are subject in the XXI Century in order to raise awareness of the right decisions to be taken at those times. This in order to promote healthy training environments that build value for our community, always ensuring the integral health of its members and guaranteeing suitable training environments.

In order to generate a greater impact among stakeholders (students, parents and employees) students came disguised as tourists in tribute to the international tradition that alludes to this campaign, which states that they are “traveling drug free.” With this message, the community of students captures the interest of all, carrying a message of conscience with a comprehensive scope for the entire community.

Altamira Drug-free.