The Altamira International School, in its initiative to promote the integral health of its employees, creates a welfare program with the name of “Integral Employee”. This moves in three variables: Body, Mind and Spirit. Each week, activities are organized with different approaches that point you to one of the three aspects of the triad. On this occasion, the focus was the body, which is why we invited Power Fit Training Club to carry out a functional training session designed especially for our staff. Between laughter and sweat, everyone enjoyed a varied day of strength, speed and resistance exercises, which put to the test the physical condition of our teaching and administrative staff.

This type of activities puts into perspective the importance of taking care of our bodies as an essential part of the integral well-being of our being. These promote healthy eating habits, personal care and self-love; fundamental qualities that create quality of life. Courtesy passes were also given to our employees so that they attend the gym to support them in their desire to live and feel better.

The Altamira always cares about improving the quality of life of its employees. We will never stop promoting initiatives that guarantee their integral well-being.