On November 25, 2018, the Altamira International School inaugurated its new Cafetorium (Cafeteria / Auditorium). Investment of more than $ 2,000 Million Pesos, which places at the service of the AIS community, a multipurpose space of more than 750 Mts ^ 2, to carry out events, conferences and forums with a capacity for 1000 people. This in turn, becomes a restaurant that serves 500 guests, comfortably seated, served by a highly trained staff, with a modern kitchen of more than 200 mts ^ 2. Allowing the public to offer an authentic gastronomic experience, with a certified menu by a nutritionist, where their guests enjoy a variety of nutritious and healthy dishes.

This multipurpose building represents the efforts of the institution to assertively allocate the necessary economic resources to generate the greatest impact on the needs of the community, in order to create value for all its members. These types of investments demonstrate the commitment of the institution to create integral learning environments that foster the holistic development of our students and community.

This avant-garde infrastructure is also available at the service of companies, educational institutions or individuals, for holding events, forums, conferences, fairs or congresses. The restaurant service can also be hired for the entire catering theme of the event. Additionally, digital media coverage will be provided, with professional photographer and video. Our communications department is able to perform promotion and marketing of the event, managing posts for Instagram, campaigns of expectations, banners and flyers. They will also have the support of the organizer of institutional events who will lead, in the hand of the contractor, all the logistics of assembly, execution and closure of the event. This proposal seeks to offer the public a comprehensive solution that serves as a guarantor for the realization of an event that makes a difference and creates remembrance.

You are all welcome to enjoy our Cafetorium!